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Yep at 60 you start to forget things......:laugh::laugh:

Former rapper turned small screen fixture with the series “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” Ice T was pulled over in his brand new McLaren 720s and then arrested for something the cops call “toll evasion,” it has emerged.

The 60-year-old star was on his way to work, to the New York City set of “SVU,” when said evasion occurred, TMZ reports. He was passing the George Washington Bridge on the New Jersey side and he blew through a toll on the E-ZPass lane without paying.

Port Authority police followed him in his flashy new car and eventually pulled him over and arrested him. He was also ticketed for driving an unregistered vehicle because, as it turns out, he couldn’t wait to take his McLaren out on the road.

For what it’s worth, Ice T didn’t blew through the bridge toll without paying because he’s cheap, as some of his followers on social media suggested. It was all an honest mistake.

“The E-ZPass lane [is] for drivers who prepay tolls with a transmitter, but Ice's didn't work,” TMZ notes. “Ice-T apparently didn't realize that and continued driving. Ice-T tells us he simply forgot to bring his E-Z Pass with him. He has 7 of them in his other cars, but didn't have it in the brand new McLaren.”

As you can see from the tweets below, the star has also been doing his best to downplay the news of his “arrest.” First off, the cops went a little “extra,” he writes, especially since what he didn’t wasn’t some sort of serious crime. This could be a case of “driving while black,” but if Ice believes it, he’s not saying it out loud.

Secondly, the media and the haters need to stop and look at the facts before running with the story of his wild “arrest.” He was merely detained and ticketed, Ice would like us to know. He’s also eager to stress that he doesn’t think himself above the law just because he happens to be a celebrity (who happens to drive an awesome new car) or because he plays a cop on TV.
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