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Another annoying thing MB recently added to it's illustrious cars is the "Half Reserve Warning" or the guess how much longer you can go because when you really need it we are not going to tell you.
Then only time I want to see distance to empty is when the tank light comes on and I need to plan a stop, then according to the distance I plan the stop and just as I am getting somewhat close the cluster decides a giant icon of car being fulled would be more helpful for me, who is making these decisions!?

Regardless here is how to fix this with Vediamo

1. Load IC172 descriptor
2. Check connection speed in ECU properties (Should be 500 as always)
3. Connect to IC
4. Open the Variant Coding Menu
5. Select VCD_05_Variantenkodierung
6. Change "Restreichweitensymbol für unteren Reservebereich (HalfReserve_symbol)" to "aus"

7. Click ECU-Coding
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