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Abs, asr, and many more errors. FIXED!
The first thing i want to do is to say Thx from the bottom of my heart to all guys in here.

I have been struggle with errors and limpmode and all kinds of problems. Faulty abs sensors, broken cabels, handbreak lamp.

Been to mb dealer 3 times to read and remove codes without success.

Changed alternator 2 times. Changed the crash cut-out relay.

And was close to give it up.

In the middle of everything i was talking to clive Dunnett, and he had a crash cut-out relay on his car. That one i could buy from him. 5 min later i was thinking that the asr/abs module can be faulty.. So asked him if i had that too.
And yes he had.

Soo payed about 50£ for relay and module.

It came here with mail in about 1 week to Sweden.

Changed the relay and started the car. Yes charging works. It had taken a local car repair 3 mth to not find that problem and 2 alternators.
Not special cheap i can say.

But still all those problem still exist with abs and stuff.

Disconnected all cabels again from all modules to see if any pins were broken.
But noo.
Now i was giving up...
Until today.
Well i have that abs modul.... Soo why not try it.. It cant be any worse...

Pluged it in and turned the key..

Well no lamps was lit up.
Changed from parking to drive...
NO lamps....

Is this reely happening....

Put my finger on varioroof buttom... Pulled it backwards...
And YES!!!


Took the car for a ride...

Everything works like a charm...

Only one small thing, the abs and another lamp is glowing... But not as bright as they do when i has the key in second place, when all lamp light up. They are leds, so can be something with those. But thats not a problem atm.

Sooo again.... A abs module for 30£ made it work. And I think that total cost on repair shops has been around 800£, with no luck.

Huge Thx everyone of you guys in here. You know who you are.

Best regards Thomas.

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Its something to me

I changed the air filters and changed the oil and oil filter myself today. Might not something to you but its something to me. SLK World is awesome. I'm really sorry that I cant say thank you to the person who posted the video I watched. So I'll handle it this way. To the folks that take the time out of their busy, busy lifes to give step by step instructions to me and all the others that love and cherish their SLKs. I raise my glass (alcohol or not) and I ask for all to do when they read this. We wish that all your SLK dreams come true. Thank you for all you do.

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