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When we were on a drive from Salt Lake City to Las Vegas (August 2018), an accident occurred in front of us. I saw there was an SLK involved. There was a cop trying to push the SLK out of the roadway, but he couldn't. Of course I offered to help him and he signaled that he wanted my help. We got the car pushed out of the roadway, despite the fact that it was slippery because the car lost various fluids.

The man who owned the car sustained a head injury. I don't know how serious, but I saw a litle bleeding from his head. You see him standing in the black clothes. A senior with gray hair. The ambulance was quickly on place. Does anyone recognize him or know if he is a member of SLKWORLD?



In the last photo I leave the area. Glad to be able to help. It was a very hot day with 45 degrees Celsius / 113 Fahrenheit.

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