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So that is how my Flosse looked in 1966 of the Line.

Just like mine that is sitting for the last 8 Month in my Neighbors Yard...:biglaugh::biglaugh:....

Yep when I open the Driver Door it is black when I step behind the Wheel. When I open Trunk there is Cooper Colours in the Corner.:td::td::td:

When I step out from behind the Wheel after I spend 4 MINs behind a brand new Ivory Steering Wheel going Brumm Brumm....R)R)R)

my Flosse got the same ****ty Paint Job that Ford put on the Cars in the early 90th,s........ Arrrrr that Paint that reflects in the Sun and shines in different Colors......:biglaugh:

I have Flossen with draws..... because I can not finish my beloved Flosse because of every Day Life Problems like my Betty is kicking the Washer she put her favorite Sweat Pants from the 80th with Sexy written on the Rear in that darn Washer and them Pants came out with the Letter...Y......:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh:.

Y Y Y did I just drink too much Guiness 8 Years ago and made a move on that lonely Girl with 2 Kids??????????:Beer::Beer::Beer:

I could had my Flosse rebuilt in the Garage by now......

My Granny was right when she told me Daniel if you want to restore a Classic do it before she moves in because Women have a Way to misplace your Junk at a Garage Sale on a sunny Saturday Morning.....:mad::mad:

Boy was my Granny right I am missing 8 Boxes of new Heckflossen Parts in the Garage........

But Love is priceless over 40.......:fart::fart::fart:

Sorry my Pain is in German.....


Flieger, any Chance to make a hard right over Boise fly in low over them Arizona Mountains pick me up and drop me near Stuttgart ????? I am willing to fly Air Canada Cargo since I have not found my 8 Boxes of new Heckflossen Parts!!!!!!!:D:D
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