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After replacing the o-ring in the roof locking actuator and reassembling
All that stuff my roof would not open at all. Boot opened, windows went
Down but room felt welded in place. Did some reading and discovered
Some info about a possible short which was difficult to detect. While
Attempting to open the room I reached over and gave the two wires a tug
And wouldn’t you know the roof went into action.
Feeling pretty sure now that this is my problem I cut all the original
Zip ties traced the wires back to the boot, cut out about 2 feet of the
Original wire and striped it out of the black plastic covering only to find
This picture you’re viewing.
These wires were Here in the bend Of the roof. My car Is a 2000 year mode. I suppose After all these years they Cracked and this is the end Result. Without cutting into the black loom one would never know this has happened. I was surprised to see both wire insulation were broken so severely. When they would make contact with each other the system would shut down thinking the roof switches are depressed.
My fix; I didn’t want to go with the same gage wire so I used some durable speaker wire. I figured if
This stuff could withstand the odd locations it’s normally placed surely it could stand up to this repetitive
Motion of bending in this particular location. I soldered all ends and shrink wrapped everything with 3 different
Layers of insulation. Final layer overlapped the existing plastic black loom, that’s the loom the brown and blue
Wire is protruding from.
Some may not agree with me on my choice
Of wire but I’m pleased with it but still open
To a better suggestion. I zip tied it in the same
Location as the old one then added some extra
Ties as you can see in the next two pictures.
I also ran it along the rout of the hydraulic lines,
They to bend at the elbow of the roof but no
Kinking with those. At the elbow I made certain
To allow extra wire so that it wouldn’t tighten once
The roof has completely seated in the boot.
This is the back edge/base of the roof
On the passenger side. Notice the
Extra shrink wrap, the wires are layered
Individually where soldered, those two
Are then wrapped together followed
By the large black shrink wrap running
Most of the length of the wire.
Once I finished everything tucked in neatly. Roof functions perfectly now!
Last view. I kept this stretch of wire as proof in the event someone locally
Wanted to see first hand how this looks.



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Hi Karen, sorry you're having issues with the top! I took some pictures today in an effort to try and show you the location my short was occurring. My short was at the passenger rear pillar right in the brake once the room is either opening or closing. In the original pictures showed you the original wires with the insulation work away for all the bending over the years. Once the roof either opened or closed these bare wires would ground the system causing it to stop. One day I happened to give it a bump and it began working again. This lead me to remove all the panels, head liner for a closer look and the bare wires was in plain view. As I mention, I spliced in a heavier gauge wire, "soldered connections." I tried to show you this in the new pictures with everything back in place. Since then I've replaced all the rubber o-rings in all hydraulic pumps and it works like new every time. Please understand this was my discovery and my fix. I could be something totally different for you. If you take a look and don't find broken insulation on the wires on the passenger side I'm at a loss. I can't recall if wires are on the driver side in the same location as well but it won't hurt to take a look. If there's something more you think I can assist you with please don't hesitate to let me know.


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Hi Onixxf,
Thanks for the prompt reply.....But my "Better Half" got her wires crossed (if you excuse the pun) as I was investigating low fluid level/possible leakage from hydraulic pump as being the cause of our problems.
I had started a Thread on that specifically and the cure/result is posted there.
I will however put your problem/solution in the memory bank, jic.

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Well done good job! Glad you got it sorted out. I just fixed a very similar issue myself by replacing the vario roof locked limit switch and cable assembly about 3-4 weeks ago. Guess these cables fatigue over a number of open and close cycles and the problem is hidden under the black flexible tubing. I didn't bother splicing in but opted instead for swapping out the whole cable and switch. The part was pretty cheap but I had to strip down a lot of the interior trim to replace it.
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