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Dietmar Exler spoke at the AutoConference in LA about driverless cars
Humans will take advantage of cars programmed to follow the law, he says
Driverless cars could be programmed to be more aggressive in response to other drivers, but Mr Exler said he doubts regulators would allow it

Aggressive human drivers will be one of the biggest challenges facing self-driving cars in the future, an expert has warned.
At a recent conference, Dietmar Exler, CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA said human drivers could threaten autonomous cars while on the road.
He believes they will take advantage of the fact that driverless-vehicles are programmed to follow the law.
One solution may be to create self-driving cars that are far more aggressive on the road. But Exler says he doubts regulators would ever allow this.

There will be a whole new way of Road Rage:grin::grin:

But despite his worries, Mercedes-Benz is full-steam ahead with autonomous vehicle production, including cars and public buses.
Mr Exler was speaking at the AutoConference in LA, where he said that even if driverless cars were available now, they would still be sharing the road with human-driven cars for 20 to 25 years.
While others have expressed concerns about the ethics of driverless cars, Mr Exler is worried that humans will be the problem.
Driverless cars will be programmed to follow the law, whereas human drivers often speed, drive dangerously and cut people off.
Mr Exler said: 'They'll look for the autonomous car and that's where they'll cut in.'
Driverless cars could be programmed to be more aggressive in response to other drivers, but Mr Exler said he doubts regulators would allow that to happen.
But Mercedes-Benz is moving ahead with its work on an autonomous vehicle, regardless.

Mr Exler said that his concerns the company's customers would resist, were recently blown away by a 72-year-old SLS AMG owner.
The driver said that he would never use autonomous technology, because it would be 'boring.'
But given the chance to ride in a driverless S500 Mercedes-Benz in a Silicon Valley test zone, he completely changed his tune, and according to Mr Exler, said: 'I will buy this car right now. How much do you want for it?'
In July, Mercedes-Benz also unveiled its self-driving 'Future Bus', which it says will be the 'local public transport of the future'.
As well as being self-driving, the Future Bus will contain a range of modern features in the aim of allowing its passengers to 'enjoy a fascinating driving experience.'
So far, the bus has been tested on a 12 mile (20 km) route through Amsterdam in the Netherlands, where it performed without any problems - although there was a driver in place in case of emergency.

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