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Hi folks!
How are you over there?!

Couple days ago I got into a car and smelled gas... Long story short it turned out to be that the O-ring on my fuel pressure regulator went bad and it started leaking =(
If you ever get into a car and smell gas, shut it off, disconnect the battery and try to find out where the leak is! Fuel is flammable!

Replacing FPR is very very easy thing. Took me about 10 minutes =)
The part number is A 111 078 03 92 And I got mine from online dealer for $32
Here's a picture of it:

If you try you'll be able to see cracks on the O-ring which led to leak.

I also tried to measure it and post measurements here in case someone will be able to find an O-ring of the appropriate size instead of just buying whole part and thus, saving you some $$ ;)
The diameter is about 25mm and thickness is about 3mm

You'll need:
1) flat-head screwdriver
2) Silicone lubricant
3) glasses

First, disconnect your battery!!!!!
Then disconnect the CPS connector on top of the engine in order to remove two plastic shields.

Next, use some rag or paper towel and put it under the FPR and a release valve to catch gas that Will spill =)

Unscrew plastic cap on fuel line and press on the nipple to release the pressure from the system.

Then use flat-head screwdriver to remove the bracket that holds FPR in place. Be careful not to loose it. It will pop out and may ricochet somewhere!
Next simply pull out the old FPR and clean the area using some napkin and possibly electric contact cleaner to avoid any dirt getting onto new rubber O-ring.
If you spill any gas, try to dry the area and give it couple minutes to evaporate.
Next, spray your new FPR on the outside to cover the O-ring with the silicone lubricant.
And simply put FPR back in place and reinstall the bracket.
Reassemble everything back in and don't forget to reconnect the CPS connector on top of the engine.
Reconnect the battery and start the car. That's it! You're done!

Don't forget to reset BAS/ESP sensor by turn wheel all the way to the left and right. :Beer:
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