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2000 SLK320
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I'm trying to remove the alternator but I haven't got very far. I have both bolts undone, and the electrical connector disconnected. I can't reach the main connector, but I maybe I can get to it when I get the alternator moving.
Does the alternator comes out from below? If so, there are two pipes in the way These are rigid pipes and even with short lengths of rubber pipes in the line, they don't move. See attached; the pipes with orange and yellow marks.

I can't get it out through the top/front without taking the water pump off (which provides the mounting bracket for the alternator). Not a huge job, but best to ask for advice before I do that.

Search shows nothing in our DIY section, and I can't find anything on Youtube. Benzworld has one post that simply says "remove a bracket, and lower the alternator downwards and out". Lack of information suggests it should be obvious, but it's not to me.

Can anyone provide some guidance please.
Hi, Its a while ago that I did the alternator change but I seem to remember I had to rotate the alternator anti clockwise so the mounting lugs clear the water pump brackets then pulled it forward past the water pump bracket, I think I also put my trolley jack under the alternator side of the engine and jacked it up to get a bit more clearance. Was easier than changing the crackshaft sensor.
Still have the 320, nice cars.
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