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Four teens from the U.K. became viral stars and local heroes after a video captured them in action, as they were moving their brand new – but totally used – couch to a shed, using only their backs and their bikes. And yes, they were able to carry it this way for 3 miles, the Daily Mail reports.

Of course, there is video of the whole thing: Levi Moore happened to be driving by the area when the boys were on the move and he was so shocked and impressed by what he was seeing that he felt the need to record it and share it with the world. It happened in S****horpe, Lincolnshire, on a rather empty public road, the British publication says.

It also identifies the boys as Jordan Sissons, Nathan Taylor Masters, Ethan Martin and Adam Pepper. You can see Jordan on the left, and he spoke to the Mail to explain how they came to move a heavy couch in this unique and quite dangerous way.

“We needed a sofa in the shed so we didn't have to sit on the floor,” he explains. “One of my mates spotted the sofa and so we took it. We asked for permission though. To be honest we didn't think anyone would record it or it would go viral. I feel happy about it because it's funny and feels like we had a lot of attention.”

So not only did they get a couch to sit on, but it also turned them into superstars – for barely 15 minutes, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

That said, here’s to hoping the police in the area aren’t keeping up with the newest viral videos, because it could get the teens in trouble. What they did was impressive, no doubt about it, and took a lot of determination, strength and cojones to pull off, but it was also dangerous and probably illegal. If you’re thinking of putting this idea into practice as well, use a bike trailer at least. If you can find one that fits a couch.
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