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How to fix a worn out seat.

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The driver's side seat on my 2000 was looking a bit worse for wear.It is over 15 years old and unfortunately it is almost impossible not to hit the bolster as you get into the car. The leather was worn but the stitching was badly worn.

Shopped around for a second hand one and for some new replacements but all either too expensive or difficult. So I thought I would remove the upper cover and have it repaired.
To start with you can either take the seat out, a bit easier to work on, or leave it in place. From the rear of the chair with it tilted forward just pull the cover back out the lip of the back of the seat

Remove the black plastic covers of the seat rest. One has two springs so be careful. Then with a small blunt screwdriver tease the seat cover over the rests.

Now carefully pull the top of the cover away from the top of the seat. The sponge backing can be lifted over the seat rest prongs. You can remove them at this stage but pushing in on one side as in the photo

Be careful and pull the foam and seat cover away.You will now need to remove the cover from the seat back.
The two parts are held together with opposing wires held together by plastic clips. . The outer is a hoop shaped while the inner is straight.White and blue clips hold the two parts together.
The hoop wire plastic clips

Blue clips for central wires

These are quite hard to remove so be patient.
Once removed the cover can be removed from the foam.
When I got the cover back it was very easy to unite the two parts.

Putting it back together was easy as I had removed the head rest clips although pulling the cover and relocating the cover into the back of the seat back was difficult especially the side with the centre console. However I did manage to do it in about 15 minutes. And the cost ? £60 or $90.
And now the seat looks great !

Hopefully will last another 15 years
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You say "when you got them back". Where did you send them? What kind of shop and what did they do to them?

They look great and I'd like to see if I can get it done locally in my area (Vancouver, Canada) but I have no idea who would do something to them, and what it is I should be asking them for.

Thanks for your post.
I gave it to Car Hoods in Sussex & Soft Top Repairs - SM Trimming . I sent them an email of the seat and they quoted for the two sections of leather. I also send the pictures to around 3 others to get quotes. It is cheaper if you give them the seat rather than the car.There are a few car trimmer specialists in your area but also look to furniture restorers to do the work
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