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How to access blend door/motor on 00’ r170

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Hello back again with a problem I’ve had since I got this car back in may of 2022, last year I didn’t have A/C and I do not want to not have it again this summer in Texas! I’m trying to access the blend door/motor because while in motion I get hot air from outside coming into the cab from the vents constantly and it is brutal unless the windows are down. Any help is appreciated, I’ve had no luck doing my own research for quite some time now. Thanks in advanced to anyone who knows the answer to my question
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A/C being on-off doesn't apply to duovalves they are separate systems.
Spot on (y)
System used is the exact same system whether the car is A/C equipped or not, as is the case for those of us with poverty spec :p
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I made this video that should help. YouTube
Linky no worky :unsure:
It works great:

Lol ... only when I delete a few things from the URL :p

2003 slk 230 foggy window fix. - YouTube

Thank you m8
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