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Our world famous WindRestrictor® brand wind blockers ( wind deflectors ) are now priced lower than ever before! Block back draft that enters your exclusive Mercedes-Benz SLK convertible. You'll feel the difference when you take a cruise on a warm spring day. All the pleasure of drop-top riding with the added comfort of increased cabin audibility. Forget that excessive whirring of a strong breeze.

But, we're not all go and no glamour! If you're a car show contestant, our laser-engraved masterpieces might be your in with the judges. Pick any graphic your artistic mind can create and watch our team recreate that same image to your exact specifications. All of this in one of eight brilliant colors to cast light on even a starless night.

With all of this add a 5% discount on now lower prices and we're one of the most affordable quality options. Let's also throw in our lifetime warranty for even more reason to buy. Convinced? Order below!

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