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How do I select a new set of wheels for a 55?

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Dear all,

I am looking for a second set of wheels for the 55 and the more I read, the less I think that I will ever be able to make a choice.......
The problem is that I didn't find any set yet that will fit my car properly.

First my requirements.
- I need a second set of wheels for winter tires. I will use the original wheels in summer, this second set is for winter.
- I don't need to use my current tires. I will but new winter tires for the new wheels.
- I prefer a 'conservative' OEM look.
- I prefer a darker wheel for my black 55. So mat black, gun metal or titan.
- I want to try to find a set with wider weels in the rear because that is like original.
- I think I can choose less wide tires as I will use them in winter. Winter tires can be smaller than summer tires.
- I live in the Netherlands, so buying in the US is a bit difficult. In Germany there are a lot of shops that sell wheels for Mercedes. Buying from the UK would also be possible.

So, now the 'issues' that I face (until now)
- Which width to choose...... Original is 7,5x18 in the front and 8,5x18 in the rear. Many wheel designs only have one or two widths available in 18". E.g. only 8,0x18 or 8,0x18 and 9,5x18 etc.
Or they have a correct size for one of the sides of the car but nothing for the other side.
This means that you always have to compromise (although front and rear design different is no option).
So, with 8,0x18 in the front and in the rear, the front becomes wirder, the rear less wide. Which tire do you choose then? Like original, wider in the rear?
With 8,0x18 in the front and 9,5x18 in the rear, both become wider. Will this fit and is it suitable for winter use?

- Which ET-value to choose? I have found 8,5x18 wheels with ET-30 (so equal to our rear wheels), but nothing that comes close as a replacement for the front.

- I found this document (in German) that belongs to the Sofia wheel.
On page 7 our car is mentioned together with some do's and don'ts (5th column).
Don't B60 is (translated from German) "Due to lack of free movement to the brake system, the use of special wheels is not permissible for vehicle models with a brake disk diameter of 360 mm axis 1."
For what I have found does this apply to the first gen. R171 AMG's.
This means that I cannot be sure that every replacement wheel will phisically fit my car.

Some time ago a set of original AMG wheels came by on Ebay Germany. I feel that I just should have bought that set.......
Including shipping they were just over $1000 for the set.

This thread[/url already gave me some info and good links, but still I feel that I'm not even close to finding 'my' set of wheels.

So, what I need is just some directions and advice from people who have been there and done that before.


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Hi, when I was looking for wheels my criteria was a bit different but I can offer a bit of advice that might help.

Reading your desires for the winter wheels it sounds like buying either new or used oem wheels would be a sensible option for you?

If you didn't like the colour you could have them refurbished in the colour of your choice before fitting the tyres.

I wanted something none oem and both larger diameter and wider whilst remaining staggered width wise, I also wanted to achieve more poke (have the wheels further out) to fill the arches better. I knew I'd need particular offsets front and rear to get the fit I wanted without having to use spacers.

Like you I discovered that to be a limiting factor choice wise and with all my other criteria I found that my options were limited to a handful of brands.

The tool I used to help me choose was the configurator on this website.

Online Wheel and Tyre Fitment Calculator. Offset, Tyre Stretch and Speedo Error | Will They Fit

Which ever way you go, you will want to try to minimise speed error by maintaining a similar rolling radius to the current set up.

The convention for winter wheels is usually to go an inch or 2 smaller on diameter and fit tyres with a larger profile height to compensate, but in your case you'll struggle to find 17" wheels that clear the front 6 pot calipers.

Hope this is of some help.
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@Col Thank you for your answer. For sure this helps!

Basically you confirm my assumptions:
- 17" will (probably) not fit because the front brake calliper
- (Used) OEM for sure is an option. That is why I mentioned the set on Ebay (the pic with the set of 4). I just should have bought that set :crying: I don't know if $1000 for a clean set of used OEM wheels are overpriced or not.
- Prices of new OEM are ridiculous (especially when you buy them for winter use only)
- I will check if new tire size (if different from OEM), gives a similar rolling radius.

The links you posted I have found before. The will help for sure, but then I have to check the current clearances first. To see how much space I have to play with.

So, the search continues! More tips are welcome:nerd:
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Don't know if you insist on AMG's but currently I have a set of these 18 inch light-alloy wheels | 5-double-spoke-design | SLK R171 | genuine Mercedes-Benz fitted.
7.5.J ET36 front and 8.5J ET30 rear.Not to expensive, they were delivered at my doorstep for a mere 15 euro's.
At the moment my AMG V's are being refurbished so I fitted these under the car.
As I bought an extra car to serve as my daily commuter I don't really need this winterset set anymore. They will come up for sale within a month or so or maybe next fall I guess. Complete with Michelin Alpin tyres, 225 front and 255 rear. Almost brand new, done maybe 3000 km with them at most. So if you're interested.......:wink:
Hi Pete,

No, I don't insist on AMG's at all. I don't even insist on MB-brand wheels. The problem is that I have a hard time finding ANY replacement wheels that will fit.

Sounds good! And interested as well (if the price is right):wink: I don't need them this winter yet as I'm going to sell my current commuter next spring.
I have all summer to find a set.

I'll drop you a PM with my email address for offline communication.
Looking for better looking wheels but......

The biggest problem I am having is find a wheel that I like and will clear the brake calipers, I just hate the original multi spoke OEM wheels as they are a pain to clean and a bit "feminine" looking for my taste.

I contacted one of the Forum Vendors here and purchased ( "verified" and "guaranteed to fit" according with salesman) wheels and tires....

Niche - Targa 19"x 8.5" +34 Offset 5x112 Bolt Pattern and 66.6 mm Hub
Niche - Targa 19" x 9.5"+35 Offset 5x112 Bolt Pattern and 66.6 mm Hub

Pirelli Nero GT

Paid big $$ and after 5 days I never got a confirmation email, call the salesman again (38 minutes on hold) to find out that he misspelled my email address...and then he tells me...Oh, BTW....I was informed that the wheels will not fit your 07 SLK 55 AMG because the brake calipers.:surprise:

That was a blow, and I still waiting for a refund...would not recommend this vendor to my worst enemy!

Anyway, a big disappointment not being able to find some nice wheels for this vehicle.

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My winter wheels are 17x8 and clear the six-pot calipers by a few mm. In fact, the minimal clearance highlights the size of the brake set. Definitely a better ride on cold winter roads with extra sidewall on the tyres.

So, the proposition that most 19 inch rims won't clear the caliper baffles me.
Redfire, with a +38 Offset in the front you are OK as the OEM is +37.

Looking for less spokes, would be happy with this Targa looking, they made it to fit Porsche, Audi, Maserati, name it, any vehicle...EXCEPT SLK 55 AMG


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I have this set with no issues

Wow cool, so u are running 10" at rear. Any pics please?
Do R171 and R172's have same offsets.
Any rubbing on the arches?

Update - okay seen the pics. :wink:
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