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I have to park the Murano and AMG next to a field.
There used to be a tarmacked path around the edge.
Years of council neglect have turned this into grass and weeds.

One neighbour has taken this on and occasionally mows the 'path'.

I had a panic attack.
There's quite a few stones on the path.
Stones plus SLK not good.

Went out and had a chat with him.
He'd done a stone check first and was using a stone guard,
because he's terrified of catching the car.

So not only a valued and contributing member of the community.
Considerate too.

He collects the cuttings as he mows, so not even a blade of grass on the car.

Now, if the council would kindly not weedkill the flowers he plants,
we could have a colourful and maintained path.
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