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Things that happen in Florida are hardly surprising anymore, and this is perhaps the most Floridian hit-and-run imaginable. Two female drivers got into an accident, a car chase and then into a fist fight.

The incident happened at the beginning of the year in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, but is just now showing up on social media and online. According to Viral Hog, it ended with the police showing up to serve some real justice but, until they got there, the victim made sure she got hers.

“I was T-boned by a lady while I was heading south on Dixie Highway. As I'm an Uber and Lyft driver I drive with a two-way dashcam,” the description of the video reads, according to the same media outlet.

“After she hit me I got out to talk to her but she started taking off resulting in me ending up on the hood of her car. Even though I was already feeling pain from this accident I jumped back into my badly damaged car and chased her down and trapped her in a parking lot for the police,” the description adds.

It fails to do justice to the insane moment between these two women. Not only does the Uber / Lyft driver jump on the hood of the Mazda that T-boned her, but the other driver calmly picks up the pieces that have come loose from her car, throws them inside and then drives off, tires screeching and all.

A brief chase ensues, during which the Uber / Lyft driver does some police movie-type of stunts, so she’s eventually able to force the other woman into the parking lot. She then rams into the back of her Mazda, runs over to her and, after a brief scuffle, manages to take her car keys.

Passers-by intervene to keep the two from ripping each other’s eyes out until police arrive.

Based on what can be seen in the video, both cars took some damage both in the initial crash and the subsequent chase. So, in one way, the Uber / Lyft driver was justified in wanting to catch the other woman who rammed into her. On the other hand, police would never advise anyone to go and act all Batwoman on another driver: you’re supposed to call them and let them handle the actual apprehension of the bad guys or gals, especially if you have the whole thing on camera.

Not go out there and cause mayhem on the roads, which is what this lady does in her attempt to bring the other to justice.

Due to a cat fight and fowl language video is here open at your own risk.:grin::grin:
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