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Hi --- Eric111 here. Have a 2005 SLK55, silver in color, 47k miles. Just hit its first real problem: the trunk latch would not open with the remote (have to use the key), the retractable top won't operate, and the third brake light is off.

The local M-B dealer says that it needs a new rear wiring harness and wants almost $2,000 to do that. I would like to know if I can replace it myself, and if so, if anyone knows the wiring harness part number and where I can buy it.



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Hi and welcome to from the UK Midlands - Thanks for joining us! :)

First please update your location (southern Los Angeles County) and vehicle (year?: 2005, model?: 55) in your profile if you haven’t already done so, as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information.

Follow this to update: ‘Usercp’ at the top of page, then ‘edit your details’ on the left side, ‘additional information’ near the bottom, edit your ‘location’ and ‘vehicle’. Info in your garage does not update your profile.

Some great R171 info, including Owner’s/Maintenance/COMAND manuals, etc.:
Bill's Den: Documents

Don’t forget to lube those seals:
Spring is here~Gummi Pflege! Lube your seals/Lithium grease your joints/hinges

Download your car’s brochure:
Mercedes Brochure Archive

Mods you should think about doing to your SLK:
• SmartTop:
• Clear or tinted side markers (for USA-spec cars)
• Shorty antenna
• LED license plate bulbs
• LED parking lights
• Chrome indicator bulbs (still flash orange, but removes the ‘fried egg’ look from your headlight housings)
• OEM windscreen or Lighted/etched windscreen

Some tips to make your visit here more enjoyable:
• Post your VIN (or VIN of a car you're looking at) in the Vehicle Datacard Request section to get a free datacard (options on the car).
FREE!! How to get a free data card!
• If you haven’t, please use the 'search' feature at the top right of the page for your questions as they have probably been asked before. Remember, ‘Search’ is your friend.
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I can't help with the wiring harness issue but, hopefully, some other members will offer their opinions and advice in the other thread that you've already started for that specific issue.

Thank you

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Morning & welcome ...

Looks like the normal stuff has been covered ...!!

I've seen your other thread about the wiring harness - it's not too bad a job to tackle yourself ...
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Hi and welcome from central Florida.

Please update your location/vehicle (model and year) in your profile as it helps the members answer your questions which usually are based on that information.

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
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