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Hi everyone,

I've been a big fan of Mercedes for as long as I can remember (As well as other cars from Germany). Have had numerous models over the years, sadly none are SLK's but I of course like them too.

What landed me here, is not to crash your party, but after searching the net for info on a modification to my car, I found some of the best info out there, HERE. You guys seem to have a real love for sharing information and helping each other and I find that refreshing.

My current Mercedes cars are a 2006 CLS55AMG and a 2008 E350 4matic Sport. Prior to these I had a couple W124 S-class Diesels. Big heavy tanks to say the least.

I also have a love for Small Sports cars with out roofs like the SLK. My current car is a very heavily moded 2002 Porsche BoxsterS I've owned since new. Still has only 21,000 miles on it. The mid-engine driving experience is what hooked me.

I do most all my own maintenance on all my cars (and bikes) when I can. And am always happy to share and help others.

Today it's me that needs help. :wink:

Anyway, that's my introduction.

You guys have a great forum here that's more than worth the time to visit.

Peter P.

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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Florida!

Please add your other mbs to the
'other toys' section :D

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Thank you
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Welcome to from Northern


List of Useful SLK Links >

PARTS Information on Mercedes SLK R170 R171 R172 >

We have a free to enter monthly competition.
Entry is open from the 1st to the 15th of every month. You simply post a reply with 3 photos.
After the 15th we usually open a poll for members to vote on their favorite.
Here's the main thread:

ROTM Submissions & Voting - Mercedes
Benz SLK Forum

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

No problem having a different model join us.
You're more than welcome to use the knowledge database that the members have built.

We have a monthly competition.
After the 15th we usually open a poll for members to vote on their favourite.
Here's the main thread:
ROTM Submissions & Voting - Mercedes Benz SLK Forum
Although you can't enter (it's for SLK/SLCs), you can still vote after the 15th.
March winner (an R170) joined Summer 2017 and had only 6 posts at the time of winning.

Really useful links (thanks to ixions cataloguing) Includes diy videos.
Spare parts:

A brief guide to the forum and how to get the best from it:

There's a link to R170/171/172's do it yourself threads under the pic below.

Some useful tips in this section for new and prospective owners.

Worth knowing are reset adaptive learning, check list, Spring is here and what is the SmartTop.
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