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We inherited my wife's 1999 SLK 230 from her father. It is a beautiful little car but soon revealed a few ageing problems.

1. The roof stopped working. Both roof lifting hydraulic actuators were leaking fluid. It worked again for a while after refilling the hydraulic pump, so all OK except for the leaking actuators. So, I went to eBay and bought a kit with O-rings and instructions. It took a while but the roof hydraulics are now working well. But, after re-installing the actuators the roof mechanism was totally dead. Only after I manually closed and locked the roof did it spring to life again

2., The driver side power window only operates intermittently (of course, when that happens the roof also will not operate). Still researching what to do but I suspect it is broken wires in the bundle between the body and the door. So, am looking forward to finding a post about intermittent power window.

2. The paint on the dash and interior moulding is falling off, and looks terrible. I guess I'll have to repaint it.

3. The door trims are falling apart. The adhesive holding them together has failed. Apparently, these cars are made for European conditions, not the tough heat of the Australian sun. Now gluing it all together again.

Looking forward to being and active member.



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Welcome to the Forum from north of the border. Looks like you have a great little project on your hands, and having said that, you are in the right place for all of your queries. Enjoy the Forum and some top down driving in your 230. 馃槉

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Greetings from South Carolina. We wound up with a project car as well. I just replaced all of my cylinders and now my trunk is stuck un-latched and won't lock closed. Hoping to fix that when I get home and cycle that roof.

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Welcome from Canada :smile:

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Thank you

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

We have a free to enter monthly competition.
Entry is normally open from the 1st to the 15th of every month. You simply post a reply with 3 photos.
After the 15th we usually open a poll for members to vote on their favourite.
Here's the main thread:
New members are welcome to enter (and they win too!).
March winner (an R170) joined Summer 2017 and had only 6 posts at the time of winning.
Newbies can win.

Really useful links (thanks to ixions cataloguing) Includes diy videos.
Spare parts:

A brief guide to the forum and how to get the best from it:

There's a link to R170/171/172's do it yourself threads under the pic below.
A lot of your answers will be found in the 170 diys.

Some useful tips in this section for new and prospective owners.
Worth knowing are reset adaptive learning, check list, Spring is here and what is the SmartTop.

You can find your region by scrolling down the page on this link

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Thank you

Dear all,

I've just spent a good amount of time fixing the car following your advice and (fingers crossed), everything seems to be working again! I wouldn't have been able to fix it without all your help so I'd just like to say thank you to all the contributors.
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