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Well Sarge are your living room doors too small to wax the beast or sleep next to it ??:grin::grin:

Last week, Hurricane Dorian was heading towards Florida, so people here did the best to protect everything they had of value. For one man, that meant his beloved car, together with as many other vehicles as he could offer shelter for.

Randy Jalil is not at his first brush with Internet fame, having attained near-viral status in 2017, when photos of his E30-generation 1988 BMW M3 neatly parked in his living room, to keep it safe from Hurricane Matthew, went online. This time, he made sure he turned his home into a safe abode for as many vehicles as possible.

Two years ago, Jalil said the idea of using his living room as a garage for his car came after realizing the door frame was wider than the car. He had the BMW for 8 years and he loved it, but he was also aware of the fact that its price kept going up so he didn’t want to risk anything.

This time, he brought in a friend’s car as well, The Drive reports, after speaking with Jalil himself. Keith Pomeroy was with Jalil during hurricane preparations in 2017, and he was with him now as well. This time, though, Pomeroy drove his own car inside: a 1984 Volkswagen GTI.

If you’re wondering why the garage is no longer a good place to keep cars, even during hurricanes, it’s because Jalil had 2 other vehicles in there: his girlfriend’s 2018 Chevrolet Malibu and his brother’s 2018 Toyota Corolla. Say what you will about this, but you can never say about Jalil that he’s not a nice, considerate guy.

“Nothing fancy, just wanted to protect as many cars as possible,” he tells the publication. “My girlfriend Amber Carpenter was completely for putting the cars inside the house because she knows how much I love my cars!”

“Luckily, we didn't get any damage in Port Saint Lucie where I reside,” Jalil continues. “There was barely any rain, too. Thankfully, everything around the house survived. I do have to admit it's a stressful time waiting to see where this hurricane was heading and how bad the damage could have been.”

Last week, after Hurricane Dorian had moved away from Florida, another Floridian’s story went viral after his girlfriend revealed he’d driven his smart car inside the kitchen, to keep it from being blown away by the strong winds. It just goes to show that man’s love for his car really knows no bounds.
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