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Ford has released a couple of videos detailing how the new Ford GT supercar's 10-inch, high-resolution digital gauge cluster works in the various modes, and how those modes change the information displayed and the virtual gauge appearance. It's neat, and if you're fascinated by the GT, you'll want to watch 'em both.

The new digital gauges are purposeful, simple, and resemble type of displays used in motorsports and in track-day cars. In particular, all display modes feature a left-to-right tachometer bar display – the bar sweeps to the right and fills up the display as revs build, although the emphasis placed on the bar varies depending on mode. The various modes – Normal, Wet, Sport, Track, and V-Max – mainly serve to move the other information displayed around. Sport and Track put the gear selection screen front and center, while the speedometer moves off to the side. V-Max, which is the display mode used for top speed runs, puts the speedo back in the center position.

more videos here

Here's how the Ford GT digital gauge cluster works - Autoblog
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