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When it comes to Brabus, all their creations are a hate it or love it situation, and that's a good thing because the German's can't be bothered with half measures.

Sometimes the monstrous amount of power delivered by Brabus engineers and their mechanical/electronical gimmicks is simply too much for some while other might argue designers could go for a more aggressive design approach.

However, it's nice to see some cars keep it hardcore with a set of minimum exterior parts. Let's take this Brabus Mercedes S500 Coupé, for example.

We find it the perfect combination of the resources it delivers and the grunt hidden under that Dark Knight-style body kit. Speaking of which, the visual tweaks on the outside include a custom front grille, revised front and rear fascia and quad tailpipes, all seasoned with two pairs of Monoblock wheels and blacked out Brabus logos, because not only Batman should get all the goodies, right?

Given the coupé's dark inner self, the matte black colour on its body comes as a must, which is exactly what Brabus had in mind. From under the hood, we expect at least 520 horsepower and peak torque of 820 Nm (604 lb-ft).

These figures should produce a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), which looks as tempting as a jar of sweets to a fat kid for those who like to go for a fast ride on the German Autobahn every now and then.

Since black is the name of the game, we expect the exterior to adopt the same chromatic approach, but since there are no pictures of the interiors yet, we'll stick to that presumption.

It's also hard to approximate a price tag for the conversion but expect some serious cash to fly out of the bank account of whoever wants one.

Here's a Brabus S500 Coupe That Will Teach You to Always See the Bright Side - Photo Gallery
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