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After having the exhaust sound issue, I wanted to try and capture some reference sounds in case it happens again. These are some audio files I've made using a zoom H1 recorder, with a Rycote foam+furry windshield, suspended in the cubby next to the shifter. The files are 24 bit 48kHz .wav files.

rev range in neutral with handbrake on, up to limit (around 6k in neutral):

short acceleration burst - not full tilt

roof opening:

hard revs:

- - -

Additional captures:

cold start - in small garage with front facing out, mic outside, temp 15c, car not driven for 14 hours. Car started, wait for initial 20s warm up and then driven past mic:

idle - at front grille - after cold start:

idle - at exhaust - after cold start:

idle - at exhaust - car up to temp (immediately after rev range capture):

acceleration from dead stop, mic in cubby, lid closed, transmission in sport mode, foot stomp start (hence initial lag between pedal click and real noise as the traction control did its thing):

as above, but this time with ESP (traction/stability control) in sport mode - note the wheel spin this time:
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