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Can anyone help me get started? I saw a message that gave me hope and so I registered. Now I cant figure out how to ask questions. I would like to by a part for my 2001 SLK 320. My seat won't move back and forth. I'm a 70 year old woman in Carrollton, Texas that still wants to fix her own vehicle. If its not too big a job. Thanks. Appreciate any help I can get. Just to ask questions.


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Welcome from Valrico, Florida!
And welcome to this great forum!

Please update your location/vehicle (model and yr) in your profile as it helps the members answer any questions you might have based on locale and model.

usercp, edit your details, location/vehicle.
You might want to post an introduction in the ‘new members introduce yourself here’ section, if you haven’t already.

Do you know what part you need?

you can find slk parts here:

If you haven’t, please use the 'search this forum' feature for your questions as they have probably been asked before.
In addition, If you haven’t, please post your questions in the appropriate discussion forum for a quicker response.
And finally, if you find something useful on your visit here today, please consider donating to offset development and operating costs. Even $5 is welcome! Thanks!

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Welcome Alice from California. Does you vehicle have the electric-powered seats?

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I think what Alice is looking for is someone to help her diagnose the problem with her seat, as from her original post, I would assume she doesnt know the exact part that she needs to purchase.

That kind of diagnostic skill is way beyond me, especially in the R170s, but I know there are some R170 pros around here that can probably help.

Like Jbanks said, there are definitely resources we can point you towards once we figure out what you need to buy to fix your seat, but we might have to wait for someone like Dans to come along to figure that out.

Best wishes, Alice. Also, if this post gets moved, it will probably get moved to the "R170" section under "General Modifications" or don't be afraid if you come back and find it missing.

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Hi Alice. I'm in Houston.
I would take it to the Benz dealer just for a diagnosis.
If that is not an option for you then try Auto Zone. Most guys working those stores are more than willing to come out and look at your car for you for free.

If electric seats it may be a fuse or the seat motor.
If manual seats it may be something under seat blocking it, a coin in the track, etc.

Let me know if you are unable to get anyone to look at it.
I'm only 4 hours away. I can drive up on thurs or fri to help you if you need me too.

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