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hi guy ,,, could someone who has audio 20 please help ,,
i just want to confirm some setting on the head unit ,,

first you will need to go into engineers mode ie withe the radio playing
press and hold the phone hangup and the hash symbol key and the number 1 buttons together for around 10 seconds on the headunit and the screen will change into eng mode ...

using the comand knob go down to the sound bar and press to enter
pic 1

next go down to equalizer tab and press to enter

next go to front left tab and press enter

next go to parametric equalizer and press enter

this will show you the settings as in pics 5 ... please confirm if yours is the same or if there is any differences can you let me know what or better still take a pic ...

at any time you can leave engineering mode by simply turning of the headunit or use the back /return button ....
thanks guys


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