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1999 SLK230
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Hey guys,

So my 1999 SLK 230 was making a loud whinning noise whether it was in park, neutral, or accelerating. It was also not shifting any gears. I assumed this was Limp Mode because of low transmission fluid. The O ring harness connector went bad which caused a leak and I dont believe this right amount of trans fluid was put back in. Anyway, I got a scan done and this is what it showed:

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At first I thought the Solenoid fault codes (P0753 to 743) were caused by the low transmission fluid. I did a transmission flush and put in 8 quartz but no luck, the noise is still there and it is not shifting gears. My mechanic believes its a bad transmission oil pump causing the noise since it is starving for fuel. But im thinking its the solenoids. Wouldn't bad solenoids cause the restricting of transmission fluid to the oil pump causing it to starve and make the noise? Also, wouldn't there be a separate code if the transmission pump went bad?

Other symptoms of the car: It wont shift gears, only stuck in one gear, whinning noise, will only drive for a little bit but then gets stuck and wont move (it will rev but wont move) and when you turn the car off and turn it back on after a few seconds it works again but again only for a short time, shifting between P-R-N-D is harsh.

Any help would be appreciated! Heres a video of the noise:

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