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Not what you want to hear, but I'd rather give you a factual answer than see you go off replacing parts you don't need to.

The Transmisson is goosed.

I would start by removing the Transmission Pan and Filter, cut the Filter open, I'll bet it's chokka block with debris because the Transmission has been driven to death with low Fluid level and an ABS Fault.

Yes the ABS Fault will prevent it from Shifting, the Whining is Pump Cavitating due to starvation of Fluid because the Filter is choked with all manner of excessively worn Transmission parts due to it being driven with low Fluid Level ...............

It doesn't take long to destroy an Auto Trans as it slips like a mother when run with low Oil ;)

BTW, you should be using SDS as nothing else actually works properly and reads all of circa 13 Computers on R170 :p
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