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Hi all

My names Mark in the Uk.
Married to Nicky for 24 happy years ...have
a 16yr old son, Ben and a faithful black lab
called Poppy who is nearly 14.

Picked up my high spec, low milage 2010 SLK 300 last week and 1st impressions are pleasing. Drives like a new car ( low milage ) and is in prestign condition.

Hope to get to know you all over the coming months as i have many questions.

Bye for now

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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Valrico, Florida!

owner's and maintenance manuals great R171 info:

later year owner's/maintenance/comand manuals, top right in the link below:
Bill's Den: Documents

Lube those seals:

your brochure:

mods you should do:

clear or tinted side markers
shorty antenna
led license plate bulbs
led parking lights
carbon fiber on the C pillars
carbon fiber center caps
oem windscreen or lighted/etched windscreen

See my mod albums for more ideas

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Thank you
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Congratulations on your car and welcome to the forum Mark

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Hi Mark, and welcome from the UK Midlands! :)

Where are you based in the UK? If you're interested in meeting up with other members, just keep an eye on the UK Region section, as that's where we post any plans to meet. :D

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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Hi Mark, welcome from the Wirral.

If your in to dogs, keep an eye on pics of the day.
Somebody (no names, no pack drill) has a tendency to post dogs once in a while.

Gixer? Not a biker by any chance? Plenty of those on site too.

Enjoy the new motor (dogs love being in them).
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