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2007 SLK55 AMG
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Hi Guys, Marko here from Cape Town, South Africa.

I joined this forum in 2015 but been somewhat tardy with my intro.

I have recently upgraded from a 2005 SLK 200 K to the 2007 55 AMG, both in Obsidian Black. Loving this car, and loving getting my hands dirty.
This forum has helped me plenty over the years, I really appreciate the knowledge and experience of members.
I have just recently fitted some Spyder lights to the car, photos to come!

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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Florida!

Since you have a 55, these might interest you
My mods - also check my albums in my profile
and my videos in the 'Driving Stories' section

Kleemann Supercharger:

Kleemann ECU Tune and Headers:

Wavetrac Limited Slip Differential (LSD):

Carbon Fiber Diffuser:

Carbon Fiber Air Brakes/Side Vents

Driving stories section:

My albums:

FREE GIFT! Post your vin in the Vehicle Datacard Request section to get a free datacard (options on your car). If looking for a car, get the options before you buy!

your brochure:

mods you should do:


Thank you
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Welcome from Canada 🇨🇦😀

Post a picture of your SLK here

and then get your free data-card--all the equipment your car had leaving the factory.

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Hi Marko, Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

If you are new to forums, or the format of this forum, this may help.

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Hi Marko, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland :)
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