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any advice appreciated.

I bought (a few weeks back) front disks and pads for my SLK 280 (2005).

I've just been supplied (kindly from this site) with my data card for the motor. Within the data card it appears I have code 486 - Sports Suspension.

On checking the Euro Car Parts website, there are of course various fitment options for disks and pads.

For disks, these include -
- 'Standard' (which I bought)
- 'Sports Package' (these appear to be the same fitting, but ventilated. The car currently has non-ventilated disks.

For pads, the options are -
- 'Special Usage with sports pack'
- 'Without AMG sports pack' (which I bought)
- 'Sports, style and Grand Edition'

The car goes in in a couple of weeks to have the work done. I'm now concerned with the 'sports suspension' noted I may have bought the wrong parts?

Obliged with any advice thanks.

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Front discs: from eurocarparts
Bore Ø [mm]13,3Brake Disc Thickness [mm]28,0Brake Disc TypeVentedCentering Diameter [mm]67Diameter [mm]300Height [mm]46,5Inner Diameter [mm]154Minimum Thickness [mm]25,4Number of Holes5Pitch Circle Ø [mm]112Fitting Position FrontFitted Quantity 2Other Information standard

Front pads: from eurocarparts
Height [mm]69,8Height 1 [mm]69,8Height 2 [mm]62,1Thickness [mm]19,8Wear Warning ContactPrepared for wear indicatorWidth [mm]131,1Fitting Position FrontFitted Quantity 1Other Information without AMG sports package
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