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Happy Chinese New Year's

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Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts event.:laugh:

1) We will meet February 10th at 11:30am at the Hong Kong Islander, 5675 Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95822, phone 916/392-3388. Lunch will be at 11:45am with a Dim Sum Luncheon. Please bring cash as we will have just 1 check for the entire group. Randy & Cheryl are our leaders.
Hong Kong Islander 5675 Freeport Blvd Sacramento, CA Chinese - MapQuest

If you are going and are on Facebook see link above and select you are attending.
If you are not on Facebook please respond to this email. We just need a head count, thank you!
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1) Don & John
2) Randy & Cheryl
3) Al & Linda
4) Creighton & Nancy
5) Tony & Marcella
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