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Greetings from Augusta, GA!

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My name is Mike, and I was given a 1998 SLK230/R170 as a gift. The car had been sitting in storage for about a year, so I've been gradually fixing/repairing the various things that need it.

The car has a flat black vinyl finish on it. Combined with my black CB antenna, and the LED spot mounted on the hood, I keep getting comments that it "must be a military vehicle". :grin:

I'm a veteran, so that doesn't bother me. The spot on the hood illuminates the right hand side of the road when I need it. Getting old, the ol' eyes ain't what they use to be.

I've added a few features to the cabin. A Ram mount for my iPad/notepad, using the left front passenger seat bolt. A three socket cig power block (w/4 USB ports) under the driver's side dash where it's out of the way. Another three socket cig power block attached to the passenger side of the console, that, along with my phone charger and GPS, are fed by the other power block.

There are two charging cords that are located on the passenger side of the console, a droid compatible one, and a newer Apple compatible lightning one. I figured that I won't really know a passenger's need until they're in the car.

All of that is fed by a 30A circuit direct from the battery, and is always "on", as opposed to the stock cig socket in the console that is both off when the key is off, and in the worst possible spot for driver comfort if there's anything plugged into it.

My phone holder is bolted to the windshield pillar to the driver's left, in that dead spot between the left mirror and the windshield. It does not block my view, and is convenient for accessing the phone, and as it is magnetic, it also serves as a holder for the battery maintainer cover (the black cord exits though the lower grill) when it is plugged in.

(It's also a reminder to unplug the car before I drive off.)

I built a cup holder that mounts by sliding a board down between the passenger seat and the console. It's removable for better than skinny passengers. I just don't like the dash cup holder at all. Things drip straight down onto the radio, and it only holds small cups.

I'll post some pictures as soon as I blur my plate.

This is my first luxury car. Never thought I would own a 2-door Mercedes hard top convertible.

I hope to be a contributing member in the future.

PS. I know that it sounds like a ******* worked on the car, but in my own humble opinion, I like what I've got and enjoy driving it.
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Thank you for your service

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Hello Mike.

Looks like you've done alot already, get those photos posted.

Welcome from Warwickshire UK.

Welcome from North Carolina.....sounds like you are a real practical engineer!
PS. I know that it sounds like a ******* worked on the car, but in my own humble opinion, I like what I've got and enjoy driving it.
If they don't like....Darn, if I write the next bit I'll be banned.

So long as you are happy with your car, that you own, maintain and pay for. Tough!

Hi, Mike and welcome from Wirral, England.
Welcome from Portland, Oregon. Enjoy the forum and the top down driving.
Hi Mike, welcome from Barrhead, Scotland. :smile:
Hello Mike and welcome from SW France...:smile::smile::smile:

Your car sounds great... can't wait to see the photos.

Stella 0:)
Hi Mike, and welcome from the UK Midlands... Looking forward to seeing those photos! :)
Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
Hi Mike! Thank you for your service.

Welcome to the forum! is a really great source of info and tech assistance on SLKs. Everyone on this forum is really nice and it's always fun here. Thanks for joining us!

Sounds like you have done a lot to your SLK already! It's important to have things like you want them! After all, for most folks these days, their car is where they spend a lot of their time!

Happy Driving
Welcome from Northamptonshire, England. :smile:
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