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Just completed my first mod. I installed the green air filters. After I completed the install I took the car for a drive top down.The noise from the pipes has certainly increased and when I ran through the gears at speed I was not disappointed.

The OEM filters that I replaced were larger than the greens and they were also very dirty. I was also surprised with the accumulation of dirt in the filter boxes. I cleaned out both boxes cleaned both sections of the engine and put it back to-gether. The changeover was easy, once I got over my initial trepidation about pulling the engine covers off. By the way I did not break any of the small clips, however in anticipation of breaking them. I went to the dealer to buy some spares. Believe it or not they are not available, you have to buy the complete assembly cost $128.0
The best price I could find for the filters was "Auto Anything" $73.97 Free Delivery.

Cheers, Ken:smile:
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