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I’ve signed up after a coupla years of depending on the excellent advice provided on the SLK forum. You are go-to guys for insight on M111 Kompressor drivetrain cars. Which I happen to have had for 4 yrs in the form of a US market ‘00 C230K Sport w/ 185k mi. I got a great example (knock wood) from a fine mechanic that I hope to push past .25M miles. {context: 15 BMWs / 10 Alfas / 6 Porsches... & a 300TE over the decades}
To the point; I’ve got The Rattle too. Exactly as described above. I assumed its “normal”, along w/ all the other weird (to me) noises these cars seem to make upon cold start. You can be sure I do the OC thing right (air cooled Porsche folk are deep-end nuts on that). I am relieved to know it is as I hoped - “normal”. I am looking fwd to testing the brake-pumping procedure as soon as I don’t drive it for a few days (it’s my d-driver)... & I will report... it’s the least I can do for all the help all of you have kindly (if unknowingly) provided as I’ve maintained it.
Again, many thanks!
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