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Hi friends,

I went to a shop yesterday to get my Dension gateway500 installed on my car. Everything is perfect, Now I'm able to playback music from my usb or ipod (not iphone 5 though).
The guy at the shop is a very nice guy, I was able to get his phone number for a cheaper service at home if needed (at shop is $250 for installation if you bring your own part or $150 if you buy from them).

Because he's good and nice I wanna help him to make a bit more money.
If you need to install something like navtv backup camera, bluetooth, ipod interface... he can do it all.
Since he's working for a shop, I won't post his number here.
You may need your part and make sure that your car is compatible with the part (I somewhat can help you with that).
These two sites are very helpful to check compatibility (eventhough they are not complete)

I'm in Monterey Park and the guy is leaving in East LA.
My phone 503-791-9986 Hoang.
I will post picture of my installation soon.:Beer::Beer::Beer:
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