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Malyk Bonnet, 17, and Laval police officers worked together to rescue a kidnapped woman.

By Elizabeth Armstrong Moore, Newser Staff

Canada is hailing a 17-year-old cook in Montreal a brave, resourceful hero after his quick thinking helped save a kidnapped woman. It all started on Saturday, Aug. 1, when Malyk Bonnet was heading home from work in the north end of Montreal and noticed a couple fighting at the bus station, reports NBC News. The man and woman asked if he could help pay for their fare to the nearby town of Laval. Feeling funny about the situation, Malyk agreed to break his bills at a convenience store and, worried about the woman, pretended he was on his way to Laval, too. “My plan was to keep them in a public place where he wouldn’t hurt her,” he says. “I decided to be friendly with the man and have him think I was his friend. I played my game and he seemed to trust me."

Malyk says he talked to the man during their bus and metro rides to Laval, and when they arrived he offered to take them to a Tim Horton’s and gave the guy $50 for dinner, reports CBC Canada. Bonnet’s cell phone was dead, so he excused himself to go to the restroom and hastily called police from a stranger’s phone. They were there in five minutes, and Malyk says the woman "was almost crying.” Laval police raised $255 to reimburse Malyk for the $120 he spent that night, money he never expected to get back. “Money ain’t nothing, food ain’t nothing. For a life?” he says.

Police plan to nominate Malyk for a bravery award, and his story made the front page of the Journal de Montreal, while five people stopped to shake his hand during CBC’s interview. Malyk, who says he’s had run-ins with the law, says he has a newfound respect for the work police do.
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