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Just wanted to drop a post in about a very positive experience I had this week with the 3rd party extended warranty that I purchased when I got my car that I haven't had to use up to this point.

I bought my car late 2009 from CarMax. I purchased their Extended Warranty ("MaxCare") with the car which is good for 5 years or 70K miles (there was no factory warranty left on my car when I got it).

If you look at online reviews the quality of this MaxCare warranty can be a bit spotty. When you purchase it, you are actually purchasing a warranty from one of a sizeable number of companies unaffiliated with CarMax who act as a reseller. It seems that depending on who the real company is behind the warranty, the quality can vary quite a bit. I've read stories about stalling tactics, insisting you take it back to CarMax for service, inferior parts being insisted upon, inspectors being sent out to the place you have your car serviced to verify the veracity of the claim and throwing up roadblocks, etc etc.

My policy is actually with CNA National Warranty Corp, and up until this week I have not had to use it. But as a result of the inspection performed as part of my Service A, a leak was discovered in the rear main crankshaft seal. The repair bill estimate was $1400 from the MB dealer. I had none of the issues that I had read about getting this covered under the warranty. My MB dealer dealt directly with CNA and everything got covered without problems or delays. My Service Adviser said they were very easy to deal with and made it a very smooth transaction.

Anyways, just wanted to relay my first experience with this company. Unfortunately you cannot buy an extended warranty directly from CNA, but have to go through a dealer to get it. I can't remember if I got offered a choice of warranty companies when I purchased this agreement, but if I did in the future I would probably gravitate towards a CNA policy based on my experience with them so far.

Happy to have my car back today, not smelling like oil when I start it in the morning!
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