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On my way home from visiting my brother, I spotted a gorgeous black SLK 350 going in the opposite direction. I waved at him and pulled a U turn.

Don't think he was nervous but pulled into his driveway about 50' down the road. I pulled in behind him.

Twins (almost). Gorgeous black 2012 SLK350. Red interior and beautiful wood panelling.

Introduced myself to George and while we were talking, his wife Leanne (sp) came out and I asked her to take our pic.

Just as I was leaving, his daughter Emma came out. A very nice meeting and I did card him.
This is what I'm referring to (carded)

He said he was at a recent MB Club meeting and I explained ours was exclusively SLK's.

Hopefully George will visit us and become a member.

Hi George :tu:
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