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Policing is hard work, but it got even harder for deputies with the Sheriff’s Office in Caddo Parish, Louisiana, when their car was attacked by an alligator

That’s right, an actual gator launched on the patrol car and took a big bite out of it. There are photos that prove the incident happened, and they went live on the official Facebook page of the Sheriff’s Office.

“The one that got away…,” the caption that accompanies the pics reads. “This 8-footer was spotted tonight in the middle of Hwy. 1 in the hills of north Caddo Parish. Deputies tried to contain it while awaiting wildlife removal experts. It escaped, but not before taking a bite out of our deputy’s patrol car.”

Deputies were called on Monday by motorists who spotted the gator in the middle of the highway. They came and were waiting for the wildlife removal experts with proper equipment, to handle the situation. That’s when the gator charged at the poor Chevy, bit it and was off.

By the time the wildlife removal unit arrived on the scene, the gator was nowhere in sight. All that was left was the grill of the car lying in the grass, proof of what it’d done.

All jokes aside, it’s a good thing the deputies weren’t injured in this freak encounter. They may have panicked but at least their Chevy took the brunt of the gator’s fury – something one cop from Scotland can’t boast about, after he came face to face with an angry calf.

Last July, the officer from the Road Policing Scotland came across a calf wandering on the road and he decided to get out of his patrol car and steer the animal to safety. Instead, he ended up being chased by the angry cow and the video was posted online, much to the delight of the Twitterverse.
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