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@DAVIETHESCAFF @frogfoot @devilman9050 @Bluebadger

Decided to chase the sun yesterday.

With North Wales coming up consistently as the hottest region, it was an obvious choice.

Llandudno was hosting Armed Forces Day.
Lots of tourist heading exactly where we wanted to cruise.
Conwy tunnel hosting 5 hour queues of Friday, imagine a Saturday.

So, we met up at Hapsford to assemble a battle plan.

A kindly officer in an unmarked BMW decided to inspect the group.

Stop one. Ponderosa.
Asses the route so far and adjust for what we saw.
Decided against running the pass.
Deb was already sore (had op midweek) so headed for home and her meds.

Decision made to avoid the Llandudno and tourist areas.
Had a good cruise around the Ffetiniog area and stopped to debate a fuel stop.

Lovely welsh lass overheard our talk and raced across the road to tell us about a café next to a power station lake.

Decided to try a route than none of us had tried before.
Absolute winner on many fronts.
Downside? Gates! Lots of them!
Des won the most gates closed award.
Davie the most gates opened.
Myk smartest invite for Davie to go first after the initial gate.
Pete, 'What gates?' Potholer of the day award. Nasty damage to his tyre after a crafty hole jumped out on him.

Assembled at Bala to debate routes home.
Des and Davie headed for the Midlands.
Me and Pete took the backroads to Hapsford.

One of the busiest traffic days in Wales dodged and all thanks to the gates.

I think we have earmarked the roads for further investigation in the future.

Great day guys.


We missed a gate!:surprise:


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3,639 Posts was a test run of the new rim trims ! ...and they work :smile:

New tyre goes on in the morning .... and another rim trim , just knew I would need spare ones with the bike tracks we go on


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Hey! It got you out of pushing the sidecar back up the hill, gate duties.

Expense well spent!

They looked good too!
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