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Exactly two weeks ago, our eyes were looking in delight at a formidable Formula 1 concept surfacing the internet. So we guess it's true that history repeats itself because another F1 car was rendered to hint at how these racers will look in the future.

After we had seen how Formula 1 race cars could look like 40 years from now, all we wanted was more of that, even if their home country was Pixel Land. However, we got what we wanted thanks to Andries van Overbeeke and his future Formula 1 concept.

The designer is also taking an artistic approach beyond his drawing and photo manipulating skills by starting the concept's description using a phrase we find entirely correct: "there once was a time when the racing world was ruled by savage beasts."

Call it a coincidence or not, but this prototype was imagined wearing the same livery as the one we mentioned above. Yes, I'm talking about the famous race livery featuring Marlboro and powered by Honda badges, reminding us of Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost's racing days, but with a modern twist.

But by now we're pretty sure you've noticed the closed-cockpit configuration of the prototype. According to the artist, the side pods are reminiscent of the McLaren that Jenson Button drove to that legendary win in the 2011 Canadian rain. This gimmick wants to send a clear message, according to Andries: "we need to reverse the trend that F1 no longer races in the rain".

Also, the car features wider rear tires with an increased diameter, and the car's width was subsequently increased. Moreover, the front wing is smaller and less complex to reduce the sensitivity to turbulent air.

We feel like enough talking was done on the subject, so feel free to explore the photo gallery and have a better look at the concept.

Future Formula 1 Concept Earns Closed Cockpit, Honda-McLaren Livery - Photo Gallery - autoevolution
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