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Hi i'm Barbi from South Africa had my 2002 SLK 320 for 5 years now, but last year and ongoing she's being a pain in the but!!

Have seen that Fuse 37 is a problem with other members but mine is still not fixed, the car got towed to Mercedes Benz last September they replaced the instrument panel to the air conditioner (whew expensive) did not cure problem - they then said it was the Compressor but two expensive for me! took the car away from them and went to great place Cannon Cool they found trapped wire YIPPEE not so car blew the fuse again - back to Cannon Cool they have now put an in line fuse into the air conditioner a 5 amp to see if it is the compressor - anyone else had / got this problem.

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Welcome from Wirral, England.

We have a free to enter monthly competition.
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After the 15th we usually open a poll for members to vote on their favourite.
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It's best to post requests for help separate to your intro.
Not everyone reads intros.

Good luck finding a fix.

For other problems there is a link to R170 diy in my signature below.

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Hi Barbi, and welcome to from the UK Midlands - Thanks for joining us and posting an intro! :)

I'm not able to help with your fuse 37 issue, but wanted to welcome you to the forum. If you don't get the help or advice you need in this post, then perhaps try posting the question again in the R170 SLK General Discussion section because, as Myk has also said, not everyone reads the new member intros. Good luck, and I hope you resolve your issue soon..

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Thank you

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Welcome to The #1 Mercedes-Benz SLK Forum from Florida!

Thank you
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Welcome from Canada :grin:


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Welcome from the Sacramento Valley SLK Enthusiasts!
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