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Shouldn,t be a problem finding spare parts for this one.:grin:

Kids can spend hours on end putting together these famous plastic bricks - or, at least, they used to back in our days - until they come up with something that remotely resembles reality.

Have a look at the clip further down this page and imagine the amount of work the grown-ups who built this full-size trailer had to put in. And, unfortunately, imagining it is exactly what you’re going to have to do as they haven’t made public the man hours spent putting together this record-holding construction. And in case you’re wondering why, it’s probably because they didn’t want to hear people say “boy, you really have too much time on your hands.”

Well, time is one thing, over 215,000 pieces of Lego is a whole different one. Anyone who’s had a massive Lego collection knows the pain of having to browse through that whole pile of pieces looking for the final touch on your new, custom-made spaceship, only to find it on your third search right under your nose.

Obviously, these guys had to do things differently, and so they had everything shipped to them sorted by color and shape. That’s a bit boring by amateur Lego building standards, but it’s a whole lot more efficient.

Looking at this camper and remembering the challenges of building stuff out of Lego, I couldn’t help wondering how they managed to build that roof. Such a large surface has to have some beams supporting it, otherwise it will crumble instantly.

Well, apart from the obvious wheels, the caravan also uses a pretty strong metallic frame, which was then wrapped around in Lego. That’s almost like cheating, but if the Guinness Book of World Records says it’s OK, we’re not going to argue.

As startling as the exterior of the camping trailer looks, it’s nothing until you’ve seen what’s inside. There’s a fridge complete with a milk carton and some tomatoes you really wouldn’t want to have a bite out of, as well as a stove, a sink with running water, a chess set and some flowers in a vase. Oh, and a pair of toothbrushes that should come together with a voucher for a dental implant. Or several.

Speaking of which, if you thought stepping barefoot on a piece of Lego was painful, just imagine eating one of those fried eggs. You see, the ways Lego bricks can hurt you are endless.

After making its first appearance at the Motorhome & Caravan Show 2015, the Lego camping trailer is now on display at CMT Stuttgart 2016, where the footage you can see below was shot. As cool as this thing is, you really wouldn’t want to have anything to do with it apart from admiring it from a distance. It looks like everything in there is trying to give you aches and bruises one way or the other.

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