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If you’re into doing all kinds of childish things, let this be a warning: trying to squeeze into the Little Tikes Cozy Coupe children’s car might not work out as you think it will.

Try one of these the next time.......:grin::grin:

One woman from Scotland tried this on a dare and ended up stuck inside the children’s toy car for almost an hour, 15 minutes of which were spent trying to cut her out with a bread knife. Footage of the incident was captured by one of the people there and then shared to social media and local media outlets, SWNS says.

You will also find it embedded at the bottom of the page. Despite her predicament, Zoe chose to see the funny side in this.

“Zoe Archibald, 34, climbed into her one-year-old cousin's red and yellow Little Tikes car for a joke but managed to get stuck,” SWNS says. “No matter which way she contorted her body, she couldn't wriggle free, and was trapped for an HOUR while she tried to escape. She was eventually cut out the toy by her dad Kevin, who used a bread knife, while nephew Matthew Shepherd-Bull, 26, filmed her release.”

Apparently, Zoe first tried to slide in the car like a child would, but she couldn’t, so she was helped into it by other people, who slipped it over her head. That was probably a good sign that she should stop, but she didn’t.

“There was no way she could get herself out,” Shepherd-Bull explains for the same media outlet. “No matter what we did she wasn't able to get out. Everyone found it funny, even Zoe. She was a bit panicked but mainly found it funny.”

On the upside, at least they didn’t have to call the firefighters to cut her out of the toy car, so there’s always that.

Again another Autoevo Video moment.
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