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Hi all,
I haven't posted or been on for awhile, unexpected life change ( never expected to be fostering 2 near teenage boys at my age, but hey you just need to go with the flow)

As a result HiHo had not been out much of late, but my SO has started driving her again and indicated that there was a fuel smell in the cabin.

And once again after a bit of a search on this forum and you guys came to the rescue again

A split house on the charcoal canister.

The only issue i had changing it was removing the canister to fit the replacement hose.

And the bit of information which i wanted to add to this forum for future people doing the same job is that the canister does just slid off, with a bit of CRC or the like applied and a bit of mild force towards the centre of the car, it will slide off.

Anyway happy motoring from down under

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