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Hello All,

Just joined this site yesterday. Just got my 06 SLK 280 about a month ago. I used to be a two wheeled adventurer. But, not anymore.

I had a motorcycle trip planned with a riding buddy, and when I traded the bike away for my SLK, I told him that the trip was still on, I'd just be in a different two seater... By the way, that riding buddy came by the house the next day to check out the new wheels and immediately decided that we would both ride in the SLK.

Here's the plan: July 10th at 2200 hrs (cause I work until 2000) we will depart my home in the Kansas City suburbs. We are headed to Hardin, MT (KOA) to set up camp and then JUly 11th tour Little Bighorn Battlefield that afternoon/evening.

July 12th, we wake up fairly early and hit the road for Bear Tooth Pass and eventually Grant Village campground in Yellowstone Park. 2 nights there with a July 13th day trip into Jackson, WY. Lunch at Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and dinner at The Gun Barrell Steak and Game. Oh, and to see the Grand Tetons..

July 14th is another long drive day, we hope to make it as far as Ft. Collins, CO for the night.

July 15th is a day of hillclimbing: Pikes Peak. That evening we will camp at 10,000 feet at the Cripple Creak KOA.

July 16th is 8 hours or so of crossing the Great Plains to KC area / home.

I've already gotten a couple great tips about travelling in the SLK from site members, but please advise if you have helpful hints.

And, If you're free 10-16 July and want to cruise along... you're welcome to join in.
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