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Front Wing / Fender Removal Help

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Hi Everyone.
Last September I bought myself a 2001 SLK320 with 70,000 miles on the clock and in very good condition.
It has a few stone chips on the front of the bonnet / hood, and the lips of the wheel arches have slight blistering.
Reading about the corrosion problems to the front end, and while the weather is rough here in the uk this time of year, I intend to remove the bonnet / hood and both wings / fenders then depending on the condition, treat & paint or replace & paint.
I have done searches on google, but found nothing on the wing / fender removal, the headlights, front bumper are not a problem the part where I am stuck is do I need to remove the sill / rocker to get to the bottom fixings for the wings / fenders?
Does anyone have photos or diagram on wing / fender removal?
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No photos sorry - my experience with '98 is that you don't need to remove the sills or doors. Just the wheel well liner and the small trim at the bottom rear of the wing and the bolts all around. A very easy job.
Thanks for all of the comments links and help so far.
I presume from reading Beerbelly's post that the bolts holding the wing to the sill are accessed between the inner wing and outer wing is that correct?

The bolts that hold the bottom of the rear part of the wing can be removed once you push back the sill cover to get to them. You also don't need to remove the bumper to remove the wing. The bolts cannot be seen on the picture but you can see one of the green clips under the black strip.
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This one just like the last post is for the pre face lift but you can see the two bolts on pic 2
Im not sure if its me being stupid, but on my car the sill is one piece.
How can I just remove the front part.
I will post a photo tomorrow which may better explain.
You don't remove the sill. You detach it where it meets the wing, as in my photo, pull it down and then you can remove the bolts that hold the bottom rear of the wing . Then the wing can be removed without having to remove the sill.You do not have to remove the whole sill to get to the bolts just pull it down slightly at the front. This is the easy part !
Thanks Raymond....I understand now.
And a big thanks to everyone else who contributed to my questions.
Yes, as Raymond says, you don't need to remove the sill. Make sure you have the wing propped/supported when removing. You don't want to be dropping it onto the concrete and creating more work for yourself :)
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