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Great now I can kick back while driving Legs on the Dash some Popcorn and a Movie.:smile: I guess they still need me around to back that Baby into the Loading Dock.

That would explain all the Cameras and Security at the Bridge when I crossed it at 7 30 pm yesterday. Unveiled atop Hoover Dam in Nevada last night, the Freightliner Inspiration is the first commercial truck to receive the state’s autonomous vehicle license plate.

The semi-autonomous Inspiration, a result of Daimler AG’s Highway Pilot technology program, is meant to help reduce stress and fatigue on the highway by taking over driving duties when needed, The Verge reports. Per the company, 90 percent of accidents involving commercial trucks are due to driver error, with one out of eight of those accidents the result of driver fatigue.

As far as autonomy goes, the Inspiration is ranked by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration as a Level 3 autonomous vehicle – the same level as Google’s own autonomous cars – allowing the driver to let the truck take the wheel in certain conditions so they can rest while maintaining their schedule. It also only needs the white lines painted on the road to keep it in check, though other features like vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure technology would bring more to the table, Daimler’s truck chief Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard noted during the truck’s introduction.

Though Nevada’s roads may see an Inspiration now and again, the truck won’t have much traction in the market until federal regulation clears the way for testing in various conditions – rain, sleet, snow, cold, sun et al – ultimately leading toward sales and an increased presence in many an over-the-road fleet.

[Photo credit: Freightliner]
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