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If you go to France, every second car will be a Mk1 Renault Twingo (the first most common car is a horse). But we’re willing to bet that even the French haven’t seen a six wheeled version like this.

The car was spotted by Reddit user Radeonalex somewhere in Germany, and as I’m sure you’ll agree, its uniqueness makes it a massive hit with petrolheads like us. Driving it, however, is probably to be avoided. As Radeonalex says, ‘I saw it driving too before it pulled up. It looked awkward.’ And no wonder; this car was originally just 3.4 metres long, but now looks closer to 5m.

Forget Mercedes, This Renault Twingo 6x6 Is Where It's At - Renault Tuning
Awkward though it may be, the transformation now means that this Twingo has as much boot space as the 5-series Touring next to it. And what’s more, this truck is also equipped with massive air horns, a sports exhaust and proper lighting. Under the bonnet, there’s either one of two engines - a 1.0 or a sporty 1.2 - giving a maximum power output of 75hp.

So there you have it: possibly the only tri-axled Twingo in existence, and something I’m strangely attracted to.

Don’t pretend like you don’t like it too.

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