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The are here, and I really like the way they ride, look, and handle.

It was quite an ordeal to get wheels that fit an AMG. (The first two sets of wheels that we ordered both failed to clear the front rotors even though both manufacturers promised a clean fit)

Discount Tire was great to work with throughout the process, and even though I ended up spending more than I had intended, I am happy with the final outcome.

I ended up with custom forged and machined Niche Monotec wheels. (8.5 x 19 35et Front, and 9.5 x 19 40et Rears) I had intended to purchase Michelin Pilot Sport A\S Plus tires, but they were not available in a 265 width and the 275 that we tried had a slight rub, so I ended up with Pilot Super Sports in 235/35ZR19 front and 265/30ZR19 rear.


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